Balance is becoming one of the most important things to me. I feel so busy all the time now, with working full time, exercising, studying full time and spending time with my man, family and friends. I need time to get myself back in order. Come back to myself. This is how I tackle it, it’s different every week but this is what I try to base it on.

Spirituality – I’m not a religious person but I believe in the universe, that what we put out there, will come back to us. Modern spirituality is centered on the “deepest values and meanings by which people live.” I believe in fate, karma and belief in yourself.

Rest – Say no to going out, stay home, lay in bed, watch a movie, sit at the ocean, lay in the garden and read a book. You don’t always have to be busy and its not good to be busy all the time. Relax, rest, take some time for yourself, to center yourself, to come back to yourself.

Nutrition – Eat wholesome and fresh food. I think you should always have a colourful plate. Include more fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and protein into your diet. You will feel better, more energized, revitalized and healthy all round. Its amazing how good you can feel when you cut out ‘bad’ food and preservatives.

Exercise – Finding exercise that you love and pushing yourself to get fit and strong is important. It took me a long time to love fitness and I’ll be doing a separate blog post about this soon. Find some fun fitness like… tennis, paddle boarding, bike riding, hiking, running, pilates or an early morning walk. Get moving!

Relationships – A big part of my focus now is working on my relationships with my family and my friends and my partner. I don’t have a big group of friends but the ones I do have in my life, I think they are quality! Relationships and friendships take work and should fill your life with joy and happiness. Find people who are supportive, love the things you love, love you for you and you can laugh with!

Work – You spend most of your days here, you need to be somewhere that is supportive, good energy and something that you love doing. Whether it is a job that is enabling you to study or a stepping stone to something else. For me, having a career or purpose is really important, I don;t want to waste my days somewhere I am not happy, I want to love to go to work. I want to be happy everyday and help people to become happy and healthy.

Intellectual stimulation – I see this as not just coming home and watching TV all night. Have some hobbies, whether it is reading your favourite book, or listening to a podcast, to going for a bike ride after work, to spending the night painting or doing some gardening or some lounge room yoga. Switch off for a while, stop checking Instagram (I should take my own advice), live a little, find a hobby.

Creativity – This comes back to finding a purpose, a passion, something you love doing. Everyone needs to express themselves somehow, some people write in a gratitude journal, some people paint, some people smash it out at the gym. Creating a life for yourself that you love, even if you don’t think you’re creative can keep you going through the hard times, that is what I have found. Keep creating, keep it colourful!

I try really hard to stay balanced, it is really important to my mental health as well. I’m over trying to make other people happy when I need to make sure I’m happy first and foremost. I think that should be everyone’s focus, a mantra to live by ‘I’m working on myself for myself by myself’.

Love and light, Lisa xo

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