Its officially spring today and that means were one season closer to Summer (In my mind, Spring is Summer because it starts to warm up).

This winter I have felt completely flat and unmotivated. Being outside gives me so much happiness and not being able to sit outside in the sun and eat my breakfast every morning has been killing me!

So this is my list of things I love about summer to get me excited about the coming months:

1 – Eat my breakfast outside while the sun rises

2 – Lay in the garden in the sun

3 – Summer skin, carefree hair, freckles galore

4 – Cook outside, I need to get a bbq but I just love doing everything outside when its warm

5 – Paddle Boarding, I did this for the first time last year and I love it. I’m still a little scared of the ocean and sharks but I am trying to conquer my fears and get out onto the ocean more! I can’t wait to go paddle boarding again!

6 – Hiking in the summer heat

7 – Sleeping with the windows open

8 – Driving with the windows down after work (this is my favourite feeling after being inside in air conditioning all day, I need fresh air)

9 – Going on road trips and camping

10 – Snorkelling, something about being in the calm water and just observing nature!

There is so much more I love about summer, like bike rides, sunsets at the beach, summer nights, fresh and healthy food to name a few more.

Hoping to do some more road trips around South Australia this summer and discovering this beautiful part of Australia.

So, get outside, enjoy the sunshine and soak up that vitamin D!

Love and light, lisa xo

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