In February this year, I travelled to Bali, solo!

I had been wanting to do this for a while, not only because I love Bali and wanted a tropical holiday but because I didn’t want to wait for someone to be available to travel with me.

I was told about a year before about this women’s yoga and health retreat and I thought that would be perfect for me, travelling solo for the first time. I had been to Bali twice before this trip but this was different, I was tackling it alone and couldn’t wait.

This retreat was called Goddess Retreats and was so beautiful. It wasn’t a full on yoga retreat, it was a health and well-being retreat. It included activities if you wanted to go out and do water activities or cultural activities. But we did yoga in the morning and the evening.

The food was amazing, so healthy but a lot of it haha I thought I would go and eat less but I was eating a lot. But it was all delicious and nutritious.

We met some lovely people, I shared a room with a wonderful woman from New York City. We’ve kept in touch since then and would love to go visit her there.

I was going through a bit back home when I left so it was nice to get away and concentrate on myself and do some things I had never done before and meet new people.

I did some paddle boarding, white water rafting and snorkeling on my trip, I love anything in the ocean so I chose those to so. In between those activities, we did some yoga classes, shopping, spending hours at the spa, attending a motivational writing class with a wonderful lady called Hannah Cates.

I also met with a Balinese healer, this was interesting. He told me that I worry too much, I have a good life and need to stop worrying so much. He said that I need to focus on changing my energy from earth and fire to water and air. I have made a conscious effort to do that since I got back actually. He also said that I should be working in the wellness sector and I should have my own business so that when I have kids, I’ll be able to pick and choose my hours. Quite specific actually, about what he thought of my life or saw for me in my future.

It was fascinating, eye opening, confidence growing and so much fun travelling solo. It changed me and my vision for my life.

I love Bali, something so relaxing and beautiful about this island. The people are beautiful and if you stay away from those populated areas, you can find yourself in Bali ✨

love and light, Lisa xo

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