Good morning!

My favourite time of the day is first thing in the morning, when the sun isn’t even up yet and I have the whole day ahead of me. I love to wake up early and to natural light then start the day with a fresh fruit juice, see my post about My Morning Routine

Here is my day on a plate, an average day. I believe in balance and eating things that you love in moderation. I work out 3x times a week plus do some walking everyday so I don’t feel guilty when I treat myself but generally I like to stick to mostly vegetarian, wholesome foods:


7:00-7:30am – Usually I have two slices of wholemeal toast with butter (real butter) and vegemite. This is my all time favourite, ever since I was a kid. I also make a small coffee with A2 milk as well. In summer, I mix it up and have granola with fruit.

Morning snack:

10-10:30am -I get really hungry around this time at work so I usually grab a piece of fruit that is on my desk, or a handful of nuts in my drawer or I drink my fruit juice that I made earlier this morning which is a refreshing pick me up before lunch. I try to stick to one coffee per day so I’m not overloaded with caffeine. P.s I’m obsessed with fruit, I could eat it all day everyday only!


12:00pm – Im a bit of a routine lover, so I have my lunch at midday on the dot. I wake up so early that by this time I am famished! I usually bring left overs of my healthy vegetarian Hello Fresh dinner, packed full of wholesome vegetables.. or I bring on a wrap or sand which or I treat myself and buy my lunch which usually consists of Sushi, Cold Rolls or a Vietnamese salad.

Afternoon snack:

2:00pm – I should have my snack later because im always hungry at dinner time but I usually have another piece of fruit at this point or some nuts again. We have naughty snacks here at my work so I try to bring in my own food so I dont eat a packet of chips everyday!


6:00pm – I get home at 5:30 most days and I’m pretty hungry at this point. I like to have dinner before 7pm as its better for digestion as im asleep by 10pm most nights. I have been ordering from Hello Fresh for a couple of months now and absolutely love it. I get the vegeterian 3 meals for the meal and they are more than enough for just myself, left overs and sometimes even dinner for 2.

I dont eat anything after dinner. I dont keep anything sweet in the house because for one I’m not a sweet tooth and secondly, I will just eat it all. If I feel like something sweet, i have a tea or a milo later in the evening.

I only drink water, I don;t buy soft drink or juices or cordial. They usually dehydrate me and give me a headache. Sometimes we buy them on a Sunday morning to have an orange juice with our breakfast, but that is rare. I keep my water bottle with me at all times!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have weaknesses and sometimes give in, especially in winter for some reason. But what has changed is that, when this happens, I don’t completely give up on my healthy lifestyle anymore and fall back into unhealthy lazy unfit ways. I am human after all, I make mistakes, I take steps backward and that is fine, as long as you jump right back onto your path to wellness, then you’re all good!

Love and Light, Lisa xo

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