Satay Tofu Tacos with Chilli Lime Mayo

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Stop it!!!

I am obsessed with tofu at the moment and eating vegetarian when I can. I am not a big meat eater, if anything I eat chicken and seafood. I do like beef, lamb and pork but it just doesn’t tickle my fancy the way the others do haha.

I wanted an easy Friday night meal to cook for myself on a quiet night in. I found this satay tofu at my supermarket and now I always have it in the fridge! I love simple but delicious with big flavour meals to cook, especially if I’m home alone and having a wine.

Please try this recipe, even if you aren’t keen on tofu, it’s amazing and easy and so so tasty!

It has 7 ingredients. So easy! I picked up all of these on my lunch break ready for my night in.


– Soft taco wraps

– Satay tofu or any tofu you like

– Coriander

– Kale slaw

– A lime

– Mayo

– Hot hot chilli sauce

This is how it’s done:

– Turn the oven on to warm up the taco wraps

– Wrap the wraps in al-foil

– Turn your frying pan on for the tofu

– Once pan is hot, add a drizzle of oil and add tofu

– Mix up kale slaw, add a little dressing if it comes with it or just drizzle with lime

– Chop up coriander ready for sprinkling

– Add 1/2 cup mayo to a little bowl

– Add as much chilli sauce as you can handle to your mayo

– Add a dash of lime to the mayo and mix

– Flip the tofu when it’s golden and crusty on one side

– Fry until crispy and remove onto your board

– Cur up into cubes or spices, whatever you prefer

– Take your taco wraps out of the warm oven

– Now assemble your taco!

– Add as much chilli mayo, coriander and extra lime as you want and enjoy!

You could add fresh chilli if you wanted, avocado, cucumber, make it your own!

Was it as amazing as i said it would be? Yes yes it was! I knew it!

Simple, easy, cheap and friggin delish! Add this to your repertoire!


Love and light, Lisa xo

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