Spiced Coconut Pumpkin Soup

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I love soup, but this spiced pumpkin soup is something else! It’s so warming and cosy.  I never used to like pumpkin soup growing up, but now I am obsessed and always make this recipe when I’m feeling like something warm, comforting and delish! In winter, going to the markets is something I love, though I don’t do it often, you can find amazing pumpkins and root vegetables there!

At my work we have shared lunch days and I made this for one of our soup days and everyone asked me for the recipe.  This one below is enough to fill a big slow cooking pot. But you can just adjust the amount of pumpkin and amount of coconut milk to suit. I’m not a big fan of following recipes, I’m more of a chuck it together and see how it pans out kinda gal, but this recipe is pretty easy to follow.


–          2x Butternut Pumpkin Squash

–          1x White onion

–          3x Fresh garlic cloves

–          1 tsp Ground turmeric

–          1tsp Ground coriander

–          1tsp Ground cumin

–          1tsp Ground cinnamon

–          Chilli Flakes (as much as you desire)

–          Fresh Thyme (as much as you desire)

–          Salt and Pepper

–          2x cans of coconut milk


1-      Cut up pumpkin into 1cm squares

2-      Add to a roasting dish

3-      Put olive oil on to coat the pumpkin

4-      Slice onion and add to roasting dish

5-      Add spices, cumin, cinnamon, thyme, turmeric, coriander, chili flakes to pumpkin mix

6-      Put in whole garlic cloves

7-      Bake pumpkin for around an hour until golden brown

8-      Blend up with coconut milk

9-      Add salt and pepper

P.s you could add lentils and it could be a lentil curry as per the image below. Yum!

Enjoy, hope you love it!

Love and Light, Lisa x

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