Slow by Brooke McAlary

This book is how I try to live my life. Slowing down, decluttering, focusing on the important things like family and friends. I’m not very materialistic person, although the things I do have and love are important to me and mean something. This book is written by a mother with two kids and dealing with slowing down and trying to make priorities in her life that doesn’t include meaninglessness stuff, going to every event she is invited too, spending time with her kids that doesn’t include an iPad. It gives great tips and helps you through making changes to slow down in your life in a few different ways. This book is a must if you’re looking to make a change in your life to slow down.

The little book of hygge by Meik Wiking

I’m currently reading this book and already loved it so much. It talks about the meaning of Hygge, that it is a lifestyle for the Danish. It is all about coziness, spending quality time with quality people in a warm and inviting space. Its perfect for introverts, exactly what we love doing. I love being cosy, making my house warm and cosy is a big focus of mine. I’m a home body so being in a cute, comfy, cozy house isn’t just for looks. I spend a lot of down time at home and want somewhere lovely to relax, either by myself or with loved ones. Check this book out for real!!

Eat pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is an all time favourite of mine. Reading this book whilst on holiday in Thailand, kind of changed my life. Watching the movie when it came out was so exciting. I love the thought of finding yourself and finding whats meant for you and not being afraid of things and knowing what is right for you. I will always love this book!

31 dream Street by Lisa Jewel

I found this book at Big W when I was looking for a simple easy book to read. It was so cute, such a nice everyday story. It is about a girl who lives across the road from a huge mansion share house, filled with all types of different people. She loves watching them and trying to figure out their stories from a far. The man who owns the house is a middle aged writer who is very introverted and doesn’t like to get involved in other peoples lives. He watches her across the road as well. One day they meet, she helps him with issues in the house and well…. you should read it… its cute.

The garden of small beginnings by Abi Waxman

I also found this book at Big W and gosh, this pulls on the heart strings. Its about a widowed mother of 3 kids whose husband died in a freak car accident. She is coming to terms with being a single mother and working. She enrolls through work into a gardening class with her sister and her kids. She meets some wonderful people and they all become great friends, but the real hook to this book is the beautiful gardening teacher who she cannot look away from… it is sweet, emotional and a story about re-building.

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