I want to talk about creating healthy habits that aren’t restrictions to your diet. Restricting yourself can lead to cravings, malnutrition, weight gain and an overall unhappiness because you aren’t eating what you want and aren’t in control of your diet essentially.

It’s okay to have a balanced diet where you eat that piece of chocolate or have a packet of chips or a glass of wine. It’s not going to effect our healthy diet completely, it’s not going to make you put all of that weight loss back on that you worked so hard all week to lose.

Creating healthy habits that you can incorporate into your every day diet or lifestyle will help to keep you balanced and keep you on track to feeling happy and healthy everyday!

Healthy habits:

1. Wake up early to natural light, this will help you as you won’t oversleep and feel sluggish all day. Open your blinds when you go to bed or make a habit of opening them as soon as your alarm goes off.

2. Prepare lunch or bring left overs so you aren’t tempted to go out and buy your lunch. If I do this, I get so hungry by lunch time that I’m craving something naughty when I planned to get something light and healthy from my favourite Vietnamese place around the corner.

3. Have a drink bottle on your desk, fill it up multiple times a day, only drink water, drink less coffee and I promise you will feel so much better and fresher throughout the day.

4. Go for a walk at lunch if possible, wakes you up and you get fresh air which I love as I work in an office.

5. Have a ‘end of day snack’ so you aren’t famished when you get home from work and snack on everything in the house while cooking and then not even eat the meal you just cooked. I like to have an apple or orange to tide me over. Plus water helps when I’m hungry too.

6. Special occasions are okay to treat yourself, if you’re catching up with a friend for dinner, get that gnocchi that you love and a glass of red by maybe get a side salad to share as well.

7. If you eat meat during the day, try having a vegetarian dinner or vice verse, even thought the protein is good for you, it can be beneficial for your gut, digestive system and overall health to eat vegetarian or more vegetables than you normally would. If you have tofu or just vegetables,, they are still full of protein and are packed with minerals, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and carbs (which are good for you!)

8. Exercise – I’m still working on my fitness journey and don’t always put it first when I should because it helps me so much, mentally, physically and for all parts of my life. Doing exercise that you enjoy is so important, if you just have a gym membership but never go, that won’t encourage you to go. Get out and do fun things like hikes, boot camps with friends, yoga, tennis for example. Fun fitness is the way to go! Don’t do things you don’t want to but it’ll make you feel 100% better if you get out into nature and work your muscles.

These aren’t redirections to your diet, eat what you want but try to balance it with healthy habits so that you are making sure your body gets exactly what it needs each day so that you feel full of energy for whatever the day throws at ya!

P.s another tip would be to take multi vitamins, I take a women’s multi vitamin everyday and it has changed how I feel. I obviously was lacking in something and as I don’t eat a lot of meat it may have been iron. But taking this vitamin, I feel so much better, have more energy and less headaches.

Love and light, Lisa x

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