On a good day, this is my morning routine but sometimes I sleep in, or I don’t want to get out of bed because its freezing.

I try to make the most of each morning by getting up early and slowly waking up, getting things organised or watching some Sunrise on channel 7. (I always enter the Cash Cow haha)

Wake up early – I set my alarm for 6am, to be fair, I snooze it maybe twice. I like to sleep with my blind open so that when it becomes light outside, it fills my room with natural light. If you have a dark room, you can over sleep, you don’t naturally wake up and it can mess with your body clock. I put my TV on or lamp and watch some telly to fully wake up before I get dressed and get up to do my morning thangs.

Make my bed –  I make my bed every morning. This makes me feel like my room is clean and tidy and I don’t have to worry about it when I get home. Its all ready for me to jump into at night time.

Water – I always have a glass of water next to my bed, so when I get up, I take that with me to the lounge room and have a big drink of water. Somehow this helps to wake me up and feel fresher and hydrated.

Tidy the house –  I usually tidy, if I haven’t already the night before. I only have a small unit and keep things pretty neat all the time. (as my friends know, everything has its place haha) I hate coming home to dirty dishes or things messy after a long day at work, it stresses me out.

Breakfast – I wake up most days pretty hungry, so I have a small weak coffee with A2 milk and a slice of toast with butter and vegemite or switch it up with oats cooked in water with frozen berries or fresh fruit and honey. I then make a fresh fruit juice to take to work with me each morning.

I don’t do anything fancy like body brushing or yoga deep breathing or tongue scraping in the morning, I like it to keep it pretty easy going. Sometimes I do the occasional tarot reading to give me a bit of inspiration during the day but may talk about that in another blog post.

Having a morning routine gives me a happy start to the morning that I usually carry that with me through the day. Happy days! Would love to hear what your morning routine is!

Love and light, Lisa x

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