Staying healthy when life is busy busy busy

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I think having a routine is really important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Making sure you set specific days or time to exercising, looking after yourself whether that may be taking a long hot shower, a face mask, doing your nails or simply pottering in the garden or taking your dog for a walk.

One way to help ensure you are eating the right foods to give you all the energy you need to keep you going through the week is to have wholesome healthy meals or food to cook in the fridge or in the pantry. Stocking up and doing a big grocery shop each week will help to keep you on track from getting take out.

I personally love to cook, so have meals planned out or ingredients available in the fridge for me to decide that night whatever I feel like is key! Keep healthy snacks in the house. I don’t buy soft drink, chips, chocolate, alcohol or deserts when I go grocery shopping, because I know if they are in the house, that is all I will eat.

Being busy doesn’t have to be a bad thing, doing things you love each week like exercise classes, studying, spending time with your family, friends or loved one is important but maintaining and being conscious of what you are eating and drinking is definitely something that needs to be a priority, otherwise, I know how it can be. You’ll think its all too hard and get Maccas for dinner and that’s okay sometimes, of course, its all about balance, eat that cheeseburger if you want, just don’t eat them every day.

Some tips below to staying healthy when you’re busy:

  • Cook more at home, have healthy easy, quick ingredients to cook up a meal for dinner and enough for left overs for the next day
  • Plant some vegetables in the garden to give you inspiration and how easy is picking vegetables and eating them that night for free!
  • Don’t buy those discretionary foods like chips, chocolate, soft drink, alcohol and desserts to keep in the house, its too much of a temptation
  • Spend time with your family and friends, but maybe invite them over for dinner, so you can cook up something delicious and tasty and show off to them
  • Plan your week, to an extent, so you know what days you’ll have less time to cook or plan your meals. That way you can arrange to have something healthy or buy something healthy for lunch
  •  If you’re going away for the weekend or a road trip, take healthy snacks in the car, take water and make a smoothie or juice to take with you so you aren’t tempted to get that highway service station sausage roll!
  • Don’t restrict yourself from eating those things you want, just be conscious of how many times you are eating that each week and try to treat yourself once a month or so. Balance is key to happiness

Love and Light, lisa x

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